Monday, November 30, 2009


Portraiture is very fascinating genre of photography. The human face, the features and even the wrinkles are unique to each person. Photojournalists and travel photographers especially relate to this genre, as their job is exactly to bring out this uniqueness of the people or cultures they photograph. For some reason faces fascinate us, the emotion of the person being portrayed speaks to us. I've always been fascinated by this very thing. Looking at images from notable magazines like National Geographic or Time, where the objective is often to tell the stories of people, portraiture plays a big role in communicating the essence of the subject. One of the most famous National Geographic covers was a portrait of a little Afghan Girl, photographed by Steve McCurry. It became a icon of it's time (still is), telling a whole story through only one image.

Today I was playing a little bit with this genre. My friend Jacob had to do a school project where he has to do several self portraits, so we got together to brainstorm on how to make creative portraits. He had to do the project on film, black and white, so we decided to see what we could do in the area, playing with available light and gradients. We weren't really trying to tell a story, more just to make visually pleasing images, bringing out the subject. I was shooting with my digital camera, using it as a proofing device (kind of like polaroids), to get the exposure just right. Here are a few shots:

© Jacob

© Me

© Ivan

© Jacob Shooting



All Images are Copyrighted © Friðrik Páll Friðriksson

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