Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Vacation & Travels - Update #1 (Norway)

So I'm finally on vacation! School finally finished in the beginning of July after six long months and I did some work in July, but now I'm on VACATION! HURRAY!

I decided to do something special this summer since I only have two weeks before school starts again in August. My friend is getting married in Norway (Oslo) so I decided to start the journey there and attend his wedding (kind of have to since I'm partially responsible for photographing it). From there on I will be flying to Switzerland and journeying through Austria, Italy and France, taking somewhat of an alpine adventure of sightseeing and picture taking around the alps. I only have 7 days and close to 2,000 km to cover so it will be dash from location to location and sleeping in the car. The next and final leg of my journey (vacation) will be heading back to Norway (Trondheim) to visit my mom, which has moved there.

I flew out to Norway a couple of days ago, just after clearing out all my stuff from where I was living and storing it at my grandmas place. New the journey started like any other, some excitement and some dread... the dread being the journey to and from airports and the duration of the flights... those things are usually always a bore and a hassle and quite frankly incredibly uncomfortable. I think most of you know what I'm talking about. The flight I had was probably the second worst flight I've ever had, with seriously crammed seating space. I flew with IcelandExpress and it seem like they cram the seating so tight that you can't really keep your legs straight and the seats in the upright position are close to a 80 degree angle. Considering that I'm average hight (approx. 185 cm / 6 feet) it is outrageous that such tight seating is allowed, I should have at least an inch of extra space (but you have to pay 2.900 ISK extra). Don't think I'll be flying with them anytime soon, I prefer paying a little bit extra for better service and some more legroom.

Anyways... airlines are usually more worried about making a profit than offering quality service that's actually worth the money...

So, I made it to Norway, prices doubled for me (stupid financial crisis and Icelandic króna) and I'm having a good time in the humid and rainy weather. I've been spending the time with my friend and his parents sightseeing since they are tourists in Norway, coming all the way from Jamaica to their sons wedding.

Hope the wedding will go as planned and I get some decent shots to give them. :)

I'll try to update when I can and maybe with some pictures...

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